AVASYA Resources is founded by a group of professionals with decades of all round experience in Mineral  
Exploration, Mining, Agriculture and Infrastructure sectors.
The Avasya Resourcesí portfolio is extensive and exhaustive with commitments towards ONE Mining Lease and  
THREE Exploration Licences for Gold, cumulatively covering an area of 446 sq.km. ONE Exploration License for  
Base metals covers an area of 380 sq.km and THREE Exploration Licences for Heavy Mineral sand covering an  
area of 536 sq.km in different countries in Africa.


ASR Raju, Founder and Managing Director of Avasya Resources has over 25 years of managerial and corporate experience in Mineral Exploration, Mining and Infrastructural development sectors. His experience is commendable in Planning, Execution and Monitoring of such large scale projects. His key strengths are in Financial and Technical analysis of project Viability leading to a successful completion.
ASR RAJU,Managing Director
ANAND MUDIGONDA,Executive Director
JAGANNADHA RAO K, Director (Technical)
The Top Management, is supported by several middle & junior-level technical/ administrative  managers, geoscientists, engineers and other supporting personnel, Who are the vital intellectual assets  of the Company in executing several global projects successfully.
Anand Mudigonda, Executive Director, has over 30 years of Technical and Administrative experience in Hydrocarbon Exploration, Development and Production management. He has successfully executed several development projects related to Hydrocarbons. His key strengths lie in forming Joint Ventures, Financial Modeling, Tapping New Business opportunities, establishment and streamlining of New Project installations.
K.Jagannadha Rao, Director-Technical, possesses over 35 years of rich Technical experience in Remote Sensing, GIS, Mineral Exploration for Precious & Base metals, Atomic Minerals and Airborne Geophysical surveys. He has wide exposure and experience in meticulous Planning, Coordinating, Monitoring and Execution of Mineral Exploration projects including airborne survey operations. Application of Remote Sensing, GIS & Airborne Geophysical techniques for Mineral Exploration is his key Strength.
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